Baishan Mansion Hotel, Yanbian
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Meeting Facilities

VIP hall

The desk is in the form of 3 columns and 7 rows, which can hold 100-120 people.
Area: 158㎡
The red background wall is 7.4 meters * 2.35 meters (excluding the height of the rostrum).

Guest hall

Small business conference room, large space, simple and elegant decoration, mural ceiling built-in projection screen.
The round table can seat 24 people, and the conference room can hold 22-50 people.
Area: 102㎡
The logo (banner) is 4.8 meters long on the Tianchi mural.

International Conference Hall

The length of the beautiful pine mural is 7.5 meters, and the length of the whole wall is 9 meters.
Area: 156.5㎡
In the form of the interview, there is a location behind the sofa for the staff to translate and record, with a total of 22 sofas, accommodating a total of 22-45 people.

International talks Hall,third floor

Round table meeting room, the inner round table can hold up to 23 people.
Area: 92㎡
The conference room logo (banner) is 6.8 meters long.

International Conference Center,third floor

The round table in the middle can seat 28 people, the horizontal table can sit 6 people, and each table can sit 3 people longitudinally.
Area: 330㎡
The conference room can hold 140-190 people.

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