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Surrounding scenic spots and delicacies

Burhatong River

In the center of the beautiful border city of Yanji, there is a clear river passing through the city, dividing the prosperous city into two major urban areas of Henan and Hebei, and the river adds infinite charm to the city. This beautiful river is the Burhatong River, which originates from Yanbian and completes all its processes in Yanbian. The Bulhatong River flows through three cities and one county in the hinterland of Yanbian, with a basin area of 7141 square kilometers. It is an area with early development, rich wealth and rich cultural accumulation in Yanbian.

Youth Lake Square

Youth Lake Square is a newly built music square built by Yanji government to welcome the state celebration in 9.360. in the evening, Yanji Youth Lake Square has become a good place for citizens to relax and enjoy the cool, not only with sightseeing fountains, but also folk performances, which are a square park integrating leisure and entertainment, sports fitness and tourism, which improves the taste of the city and the happiness index of the citizens.

Burhatong River Music Fountain

Burhatong River Landscape Music Fountain is a gift project for the 60th anniversary of the founding of the state, located between Yanxin Bridge and Yanji Bridge, with a design length of 158 meters and a main spray of 108 meters, using more than 2,000 music fountain nozzles, more than 200 water pumps, more than 8,000 colored lights and 20 rocking motors. The fountain integrates sound, light and electrical technology, organically integrates visual and auditory art, adopts colorful water spray shapes such as "Optimus Yuzhu", "Heavenly Women scattered Flowers" and "centripetal Flying Dance", combined with the dynamic sense of music, fully interprets the charm of water. it shows a wonderful visual and auditory feast for guests at home and abroad and the general public.

Maoershan National Forest Park

Overlooking from the main peak to the northeast, you have a panoramic view of the Yanji Basin; overlooking to the south, the leisurely flowing Hailan River is embedded in the Hailan River Plain full of rice and flowers. In the summer sun, large areas of paddy fields are white, water fog is transpiring, and the white Yan-long highway in the middle is like a white ribbon, just like a landscape painting; looking up to the west, fruit trees line up, pear blossoms are fragrant, and the double peaks of Maanshan are clearly visible in the distance; looking east, the layers of forest are dyed, lush and luxuriant. It can be described as an old revolutionary song "A line of fruit trees under Changbai Mountain, the fragrance of rice flowers on the banks of the Hailan River". It was amazing to reach its peak view of this beautiful scenery, and it naturally melted into intoxication.

Shopping department store

Walk 500 meters from the north of the hotel, that is, the bustling business district of Yanji. Yanji Department Store, located in the center of the city, is a historical department store in Yanji. It has a full range of goods and a sizeable underground supermarket, and the price can meet all consumption levels as a whole.

Cold noodles in Baishan Mansion

Cold noodle is a traditional Korean food, which is mixed with soba noodles or wheat noodles with starch and water, pressed into round noodles, cooked and soaked in cold water, then cold water with beef slices, chili, kimchi, pear or apple slices, soy vinegar, sesame oil and other seasonings, add beef soup to serve. What is the charm of cold noodles? All after its entrance, it is flexible and chewy, cool and light, soup, smooth and moisturizing the throat, and the spicy and salty with slightly sweet can immediately hook the outlet water, coupled with chewing cold noodles, which greatly increases the appetite. The more spicy, the more spicy, the more love to eat, until refreshing, breathless, long aftertaste, giving people the enjoyment of mellow beauty. Baishan Mansion cold noodles are personally deployed by the hotel chef, in the soup and noodles have done fine processing, has a certain characteristics of taste, cheap, hotel guests can taste the authentic Yanbian cold noodles without going

Fengmao Barbecue City

Walking 500 meters from the east of the hotel is the Fengmao city that must go to Yanji for barbecue. The love of meat lovers, Yanji local famous barbecue restaurant, mutton, pork pickled well, affordable, can eat very freely.

Yiling ginseng chicken soup

All kinds of refined soup are the best dishes of the Korean people, among which ginseng chicken soup is undoubtedly one of the delicious and nutritious ones. Chicken soup is not only not greasy, but also refreshing and delicious, with a fragrance of medicine. The chicken stew is extremely rotten, the flesh and bone are separated under the chopsticks, and the meat is fragrant with rice and medicine. The chicken belly is filled with glutinous rice, and the glutinous rice that absorbs the essence of chicken soup is more delicious than tender chicken. At the same time, there are jujube, chestnut, ginseng and other ingredients rich in nutrition. At present, many non-local tourists will go there to taste it.

Granny Yuan's Korean cuisine

From the intersection next to the hotel into 110 Hutong, go straight for 100 meters to Grandma Yuan famous Korean restaurant, the signature steamed rice is delicious, wrapped in green vegetables, rice and meat slices, put on rice sauce, hot cabbage, chili rings, garlic slices and other seasonings, one bite, fresh and refreshing. The portion is enough, so friends who do not have much appetite are advised to share it. The environment is also very good, with the atmosphere of Korean TV dramas.

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